Large Surface Coverage Mosaic of Titan; Version IV
September 17, 2005
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Huygens Mosaic of Titan
Large Surface Coverage Mosaic of Titan in its final version

This is the fourth and final version of my Mosaic of the surface of Titan, stitched mainly from DISR Medium Resolution Imager (MRI) data, supplemented by some High Resolution Imager (HRI) data at the center and some Side Looking Imager (SLI) data at the rim. The red circle marks the Huygens landing site.
The improvements with respect to the version III include brightness, contrast and histogram adjustments on the individual images to hide the seams between them. These adjustments often contain a gradient along the seam, but no artificial smoothing. If I could not hide a seam this way I left it as it was, to avoid introducing artifacts.
For some areas raw images with better contrast or more details visible could be found to replace the former ones.
After some hundred hours of work on the Huygens images I am quite shure that this will be my final version of the "Large Surface Coverage Mosaic", unless I discover some considerable errors.

The scalebar at the lower right is 5 km long after the original calibration published by the Huygens DISR team. In case the correlation between the Huygens mosaic and the Cassini ISS images I have suggested would be correct, the scalebar would be about 12.5 to 15 km long. But at the moment there is evidence that the visual correspondence between the Huygens mosaic and the Cassini images I have presented may be by chance, since radio science tracking of the Huygens probe from Earth during its descend, as far as it is analyzed up to now, seems to confirm the ESA height calibrations (private communication with Daniel Fischer, who visited the DPS conference in Cambridge). The failure to find a visual correspondence of the Huygens mosaic and the Cassini images (VIMS and ISS), may be due to the longer wavelength used for mapping Titan from orbit with respect to the DISR optics onboard of Huygens.
I hope that the Titan 8 flyby (October 27, 2005), with the planned radar swath of the Huygens landing area, will result in a definite decision concerning the correlation between the Huygens mosaics and the Cassini images.

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