Huge Surface Coverage Mosaic of Titan

May 7, 2005


large scale Huygens mosaic of Titan
Huge Surface Coverage Mosaic of Titan

The "Large Surface Coverage Mosaic", that is assembled from mainly "Medium resolution Imager" (MRI) data, combined with "Huygens Distant View", that was stitched from "Side looking Imager" (SLI) images, results in a Mosaic with nearly the largest coverage of Titan's surface that should be possible with Huygens Data.
The SLI images are flatfield corrected (flatfield "flat_SLI_103_500_mi40.tif"). They were perspectively corrected
(but not stitched!) with help of the Programs "Panorama Tools" and "PTGui"; stitching was carried out in Adobe's Photoshop.
The strong brightening to the outer area is due to the smog or fog in the atmosphere of Titan.
which SLI image was used in what location can be found in "Huygens Distant View".