Cable-bound Underwater Video Camera

Under construction!


This homemade cable-bound Underwater Video Camera is designed for depths that a normal diver cannot reach or stay there for a longer time. The camera itself is made for a depth of several hundred meter; until now I have tested it at up to 70m in Lake Pulvermaar, Germany. The camera is passive, only steered by the cable length and the movement of the boat. Due to stabilizing fins the camera always looks in the moving direction if there is no other current.

During recent test-runs in Lake Värmeln, Southern Sweden, I discovered a lot of exceptionally well preserved glacier mills in a depth between 30m - 40m. All Images below are from Lake Värmeln.

The complete camera system here with (only) 70m cable and 12V 14W fluorescent lamps attached. The picture the camera sees is viewed on Video-Glasses (Sony Glasstron PLM-A35E) and simultanously recorded on D8 tape. The camera is a small but light sensitive color board camera "MTV-53X10" from lechner electric. The camera housing also holds a circuit that realizes a power supply via the video cable.
The complete system is compact enough to be launched from a folding kayak (Pouch RZ 85-3)

At a depth of only 5m as in this image there is still enough sunlight,
from 15m on the lamps were needed. They gave a viewing range of 2.5 - 3m

Portion of a nearly vertical cliff that fell down from approx. 20m to 35m

A rock near the bottom of the cliff

A nice circular glacier mill

Glacier Mill
Another glacier mill at a depth of 35m

Glacier Mill
View into a large glacier mill; the diameter of the hole increases to the bottom.