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Huygens on Titan
Panoramic Views and Mosaic Images of the Landscape on Saturn's Moon Titan, stitched from Huygens Raw Images.
Color Images with the STM
Color Images with the Scanning Tunneling Microscope: A methode to colorize  STM images, with the colors not only giving the images a very aesthetical view, but also representing the electronic structure of the imaged surface.
Diffraction Pattern of
Obstructed Telescopes

Most optical instruments with the main objective being a mirror suffer from constructive obstructions of the optical path. The influence of a central circular secondary mirror is well known, but the influence of other structures like the supporting vanes is often discussed. I ran some simulations of geometrically more complicated obstructions.
A Gallery of Astronomical Photographs with the classical color negative film and Videoastronomy. Results from the Venustransit June 8, 2004 and back to Comet Hale Bopp 1997.
Underwater Videocamera
A cable-bound Underwater Video Camera for greater depths. First results from my home-build system.
Side-Scan Sonar
A Sidescan Sonar is the favorite tool for diveground-prospection and wreckhunting, but these instruments are expensive. Some amateurs build their own Sidescans, a popular way is to use fishfinder transducer. What can be expected from such home-made sidescan sonars, and are there ways to optimize them? Beampattern-simulations give some interesting answers.
Photo Gallery
Mainly Natural Photography and Landscape, many of them from Danmark, Sweden and France
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